Four Ways To Test If a Leather Garment Is of Quality

To determine if a leather garment is of quality, it is necessary to consider certain characteristics.

Here are 4 ways to check it:

1. Material check

The garment must be made of genuine and high-quality leather. If you are familiar with our products, you will know that there is nothing like a beautiful piece of genuine leather, which stands out for itself in terms of quality and beauty. Choose garments that have the desired color and texture.

True and quality leather is unique and distinguishable, although nowadays we find many nearly perfect synthetic imitations. To determine if the garment is made of quality leather, a good technique is to use the senses of touch and smell. It's important to highlight that good-quality leather is very soft; it can also be easily recognized as synthetic fabrics emit a characteristic and instantly identifiable odor.

2. Finishes, details, and terminations

Finishes on garments are crucial when it comes to determining if the leather is of quality.

The traditional way of working leather is considered handmade craftsmanship, and this matters a lot when evaluating the quality of a garment compared to mass-produced industrial items. When choosing a leather item, it's best to take a moment to inspect details such as: seams, hems, well-finished folds, well-finished corners, well-made eyelets, strong and well-stitched seams that won't unravel over time. Also, pay attention to the quality of internal linings, labels, zippers, metallic accessories, and rivets (if present) as these should be well-placed and function perfectly.

3. Price and quality matter

Quality comes with a price, and this applies in this particular case. It's true that the price of a garment may not be decisive in determining its quality; however, items made from genuine and high-quality leather cannot be compared in terms of durability and features with those made from imitation leather. Quality leather items have a higher price compared to similar items made, for example, from synthetic leather. Therefore, before buying a "leather item" at a very low price, make sure to follow the recommendations mentioned in this article. Undoubtedly, it's best to purchase your leather garments from experienced companies willing to guide you in your purchase. Contact us, at Qiwa we are Leather Experts.

4. Identifying Imitations

Garments made with imitation leather are common nowadays; they are mass-produced and offer lower prices compared to genuine leather. Unfortunately, these imitations, although they claim to have the real appearance of leather, do not offer the inherent advantages that real leather has and its characteristics.

Imitation leather garments do not have the same longevity; over time, they become dull and lose their beauty and uniqueness, which does not happen with real and high-quality leather.

For greater peace of mind, avoid buying items with regenerated leather (many layers of lower-quality leather residues), patented leather (leather treated with a shiny plastic final layer), and corrected-grain leather (low-quality leather printed with a false grain imitation of the real thing).

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