Essential Tips for Cleaning Your Suede Garments and Accessories

To clean your blue suede shoes in case someone has stepped on or stained them, here's exactly how to do it.

Qiwa's Tips for the Lover of Good Taste... and Good Suede Leather

While suede indeed has a velvety and elegant appearance, one of its few drawbacks is that it stains, wears, and flattens easily. That's why it's essential to know how to care for and protect your suede garments, especially your shoes.

Regular brushing and cleaning will keep your suede shoes, jackets, hats, pants, and furniture looking as good as the day you bought them. But more importantly, you should promptly address any suede wear to avoid permanent stains or damage to the material.

While it's not really difficult to clean and care for suede, it requires more attention than many other types of leather. That's why at Qiwa we decided to share some of our secrets for properly caring for your suede garments and items.

Basic Suede Care

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The best way to keep your suede shoes, hats, home furniture, and gloves in good condition is by taking necessary basic precautions. While, as a general rule, you should leave suede items at home on rainy days, inevitably, at some point, you'll find yourself caught in an unexpected downpour, where you're very likely to step in a puddle or walk on wet grass.

That's why suede clothing, footwear, and accessories should be treated with a water repellent sprayRegardless of the spray you buy, first test the spray on a discreet area. If the result is as expected, apply the spray to your suede shoes or other items and let it dry completely. This way, the protector will significantly reduce the chances of staining if the suede gets wet.

Regular brushing of your suede is crucial, whether it's a wearable item or a home decoration. A good brush with thick bristles is perfectly suitable for use on suede, providing a deep but gentle clean, removing dust and dirt while restoring the suede's texture.

You should actually brush your suede items after each use, or use the brush on your suede furniture weekly. If you don't have much time for this task, let's say the minimum recommended frequency is at least once a month.

Brush the suede thoroughly across the entire surface, working only with back-and-forth motions. Don't make circles or push the brush in different directions. Regular brushing is the best way to keep suede looking good and remove dust or light stains.

Removing Suede Stains

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If your suede shoes get covered in mud or stained on the toe or sides, or if rain has stained your favorite suede hat that you wear on sunny days, the solution to remove those stains is by using a suede brush.

Often, a thorough brushing is all that's needed to remove dirt, but if the situation looks quite challenging, you'll need to apply the following tips:

a) If the stain is dry, take a pencil eraser, also known as a cheese eraser. Apply the eraser to the stain, making small circular motions and applying slight pressure. Brush the suede to restore the surface once the stain has disappeared.

b) Is the stain still there? Head to the kitchen pantry for some white vinegar. Pour a little onto a clean, dry cloth and rub the vinegar on the stained suede area. Remember that the goal is to moisten the suede, not soak it. Let the suede air dry, then brush the stain to eliminate persistent marks.

c) If the suede is stained with oil, sprinkle the stain with enough talcum powder or cornstarch to cover it completely and let the area sit for several hours. Then, use your suede brush to remove the talcum, and hopefully, the oily stain along with it. If there is still a visible mark, use white vinegar as described in the previous point.

d) Wet stains, including those caused by water, should be dried with a towel as soon as possible before allowing the suede to air dry. Never place your suede near a heater or use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process, as that can fade or damage the material. If the suede dries and is stained with a water mark, you'll have to turn to white vinegar once again, then let the suede air dry once more, and finally, brush it thoroughly.

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